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Sail and Dive Phuket Orca Sighting 2014

During November 2013 Team Nakamal, Dieter and Ay, the Burmese guide Jojo and 3 guests fromSwitzerland, Yves, Sasha and Roberto happen on a 24 time deep exploration cruise into the Mergui Archipelago aboard the cruising catamaran Nakamal.

The Mergui Archipelago is made of a lot more than 800 isles, more than Thailand has therefore the most readily useful about all of these isles is the fact that just one, Macleod Island features a resort on it and just a few more are inhabited by Burmese fisherman or Moken Sea Gypsies. The islands for the Mergui Archipelago are the perfect cruising area for your sail and dive charter holiday. Because you can find a lot of islands you’ve got never to sail very definately not one area to the other. No long passages means you have got additional time to explore the islands or take part in water activities including scuba diving, snorkeling or kayaking.


Mergui Archipelago MapThe Mergui Archipelago is like Thailand’s islands need been a hundred or so years back, uninhabited and  completely pristine. One island is more beautiful than the other. Beaches with just footprints from wildlife which can be numerous on these islands. Throughout the whole 24 times sailing through Mergui Archipelago we’ve just seen another tourist watercraft while scuba diving on “ Ebony Rock “, a popular plunge site. Otherwise we just came across a couple of Burmese fishing boats for sale and of course some Kabang’s, the traditional ships regarding the Moken water Gypsies. Directly after we have actually sailed for already two weeks through this spectacular landscapes, our minds and cameras full with all the pictures we’ve wet in we couldn’t expect anything to top the experiences already made during this cruise. But we ended up being incorrect!

While sailing from Black Rock north heading for Tower Rock, Roberto instantly shouted Orcas! All of us were directly on deck and stared away at ocean to where Roberto ended up being pointing and there these people were, two gorgeous big Orcas coming towards united states. We were all extremely exited. It couldn’t simply take very long until these people were right next to the yacht. All of us had been taking photos and videos like crazy anticipating the encounter to last for only a very small amount of time. If the Orcas swam away from Nakamal we implemented them and swept up together several times once again. Than we stopped chasing them and unbelievably they stumbled on united states, swam under in the front or behind the yacht. After realising your Orcas aren’t going anywhere quickly, Dieter Dongphrajan, the captain of SY Nakamal made a decision to jump inside water equipped with his GoPro camera, hoping to get some in water footage of those fascinating creatures. Realizing that they are called Killer-Whales did not deter him. Shooting video under water proved not to be as simple the exposure was not very good due to a lot of plankton inside water. To just take video clip the Orcas had to be very closed to the camera and at times these people were.

At some point the Orcas had been a mere supply lengths away from Dieter. Adequate said and written, a photograph talks a thousand terms, a video most likely a million… Here is the results of the footage taken by every one of the users aboard SY Nakamal.

Snorkeling with Orcas – Movie

If you would like experience a fantastic holiday join united states for a sailing cruise through Mergui Archipelago.