Manta and Whale Shark at Hin Deng & Hin Muang

Manta Rays Sail and Dive Thailand


Manta Ray Hin Deng - Thailand Sail and plungeEvery 12 months in April and may also we offer unique plunge cruises on our cruising catamaran Nakamal.
During both of these months the ocean is usually very calm and allows us to sail and remain starightaway at Hin Deng and Hin Muang south of Phuket. Both dive spots are famous for the countless sightings of Manta Rays and Whale Sharks and April and May are definitely the greatest months if you find some plankton within the water attracting these gentle leaders.

Sail and plunge Phuket - Manta Rays t Hin-Deng - Hin MuangHin Deng, just a rock that hardly pierces the surface of the Andaman water and and right next to it Hin Muang which is a totally submerged reef range between the most readily useful plunge internet sites in Thailand. Unfortuitously they feature bad shelter for anchoring and also when there is only small wind waves build-up and work out an overnight stay also on a stable catamaran very uncomfortable. Therefor during most of the year and only when we have visitors on board that are not getting seasick effortlessly we stop there in the day mostly just for one plunge as it is 3 hours sail to get here from Koh Rok or Koh Haa and another 3 hours sail for back once again to Koh Rok for safe and sheltered anchorage.

But during April and may also when the sea is flat such as a mirror and Manta Ray check out Hin Deng and Hin Muang in great numbers it generates for very special experience to sail and remain their aboard charter catamaran Nakamal. Moored right on the top of plunge spot you can observe the Mantas and occasionally Whale Sharks all day every day, either while scuba or just snorkelling. Also non divers can view them from deck associated with the yacht because they swim their sectors just a couple meters bellow.

This year we’ve actually been endowed specially within a sailing charter by having a group of enthusiastic divers from Switzerland. Taking movie with two digital cameras we got many real good footage and made a short film from the jawhorse and called Manta Overdose . This is actually the outcome, see for your self

During another sail and plunge charter by having a team from Southern Africa, while tied up up to a mooring at Koh Rock we’d another incredible experience. All four visitor had been simply returning from snorkeling at the near by reef. They were still within the water on the point of come back aboard when Dieter the captain of SY Nakamal who was sitting in the steps at the back of the yacht suddenly shouted “Whale Shark” The South African visitors thought he was pulling their leg and also the captain must actually urge them to put their mask back on and look just below them where two small but nonetheless incredibly majestic Whale Sharks passed right underneath the yacht. Stefan the long time scuba diving instructor whom came along with this cruise had never seen a Whale Shark before. When he heard Dieter yelling Whale Shark it just took him moments to grab his mask, snorkel and fin and jump inside water. For all aboard it’s been a amazing experience.